Nourish to Flourish Work Groups

Key Initiatives

Original Nourish to Flourish work groups have evolved over time.  Some have completed their work and published relevant documents that are now available as resources.  Other work groups continue to push forward by collaborating on proof of concept pilot projects.

Data Sharing & Analytics

The Technology Work Group and its Advisors are charged with finding ways integrate technology into the child nutrition ecosystem to drive participation. The Data Sharing & Analytics Initiative leverages GDSN supply chain technology to simplify burdensome regulatory tasks and facilitate data insights for both suppliers and schools.

Work Group Chair:  Chip Goodman (CEO, inTEAM Associates): eMail Chip

Mobile Apps Integration

The secondary initiative of the Technology Work Group, Mobile App Integration,  integrates mobile apps into trade and consumer daily activities.

Work Group Chair:  Chip Goodman (CEO, inTEAM Associates): eMail Chip

Streamlining Procurement: The Promise of e-Procurement

The goal of this work group is to improve access to ever-healthier and affordable school food items by streamlining the school food procurement process through industry/district/non-profit cooperation.  The initial goal to develop a “Common Bid Template” is nearing completion.  Free to suppliers and schools, the final document will be placed online for easy access and the group will campaign for widespread usage.

Work Group Chairs:  Peter Fleischer (Consultant – Urban School Food Alliance): eMail Peter; Jennifer Armstrong (National Program Director, K-12 – Butterball): eMail Jennifer

Improving the Dining Experience

The Improving the Dining Experience Work Group looks at wider range of school food service interactions from a customer perspective to improve the school dining and meal experience from a wide range of interventions, including mobile apps, Grab & Go carts and cafeteria design options covering a variety of scenarios to assist in improving the student experience in the cafeteria.

Work Group Chairs:  Stanya LeMay (National Brand Manager – Interior Systems Inc): eMail Stanya): Peggy Lee (VP Business Development – DMI): eMail Peggy

Providing the Best Food for School Meals

Led by the Institute of Child Nutrition, this work group is an ongoing collaboration including USDA, National Dairy Council, Healthy Kids Collaborative, Urban School Food Alliance and Dallas Independent School District.  The goal is to work toward standardization of certification and accreditation to improve and elevate the food offered in schools.  This may include providing workforce development and career path opportunities via a universal training model that is supported by both the USDA and SNA.  With funding by USDA, the group will hire a chef to lead the curriculum development for cafeteria workers, cafeteria managers, and district managers.  An advisory board and project time table is being established.

Work Group Chair:  Lisa Hatch (VP Business Development – School Channel – DMI): eMail Lisa

Elevating the School Milk Experience

This work group, led by National Dairy Council, seeks to improve the school milk experience with a focus on equipment to innovate milk dispensing.  The group is reviewing best practices and current systems with an innovative pilot test expected to begin in Fall 2019 in Orlando.

Work Group Chair: Scott Dissinger (SVP Business Development – DMI): eMail Scott

Leveraging Partnerships/Coalitions to Achieve Success

Under the leadership of FRAC, this work group is working toward leveraging partnerships and coalitions to help in achieving the N2F mission.  They are currently examining the content, logistics and costs to produce practice videos featuring innovative things being done in the afterschool and summer feeding programs.

Work Group Chair:  Alison Maurice (Child Nutrition Policy Analyst – FRAC): eMail Alison

Work Group Resources

Additional work groups continue to act as resources, adding additional expertise on an ongoing basis, including:

Simplifying Policy/Regulations to Improve School Meal Quality

This work group completed a study with recommendations on simplifying regulations to help improve school meals.  The study results have been provided to USDA/FNS and are expected to be released to Congress.

Work Group Chair:  Patti Montague (CEO – School Nutrition Association): eMail Patti

Articulating an Environmental/ Sustainability Framework

With a focus on reducing food waste, this work group is collaborating with other organizations to include:  Conducting research to develop a youth messaging strategy around sustainable nutrition; Working with Fuel Up to Play 60 to from a task force of Student Ambassadors to gain their insights on reducing food waste at school and home; and consulting with the School Nutrition Association to further explore food waste in schools.

Work Group Chair:  Camellia Patey (VP School Wellness Partnerships – DMI): eMail Camellia

Building the Connection between School Meals and Education

This education focused work group, which includes the School Nutrition Association, looked at building the connection between school meals and education and the integration of school meals into the school day.

Work Group Chairs:  Katie Bambacht (Director – School Nutrition – DMI): eMail Katie; Allison Polke (Office of Student Health and Wellness – Chicago Public Schools): TBD

Leveraging Measurement/Evaluation via Research & Metrics

This work group acts as a resource coordinating student input to empower them into action for research and metric development.

Work Group Chairs:  Doug Adams (President – Prime Consulting Group): eMail Doug; Randy Green (Watson Green LLC): eMail Randy

Elevating Student Voice & Co-Creation

This work group acts as a resource to engage student input to elevate the “student voice” in the overall school meals process.

Work Group Chair:  Rusty McCarty (President -CustomED): eMail Rusty

Changing the Culture and National Narrative

This work group acts as a resource to change the national narrative of the perception of school meals.

Work Group Chair:  Tatum Wan (President – Tatum Wan Communications): eMail Tatum

Maintaining Momentum by Managing Post-Summit Activations/Progress

This work group is tasked with maintaining the momentum of Nourish to Flourish through annual summits, quarterly Work Group leadership meetings and providing ongoing support and guidance to the initiative.

Work Group Chair:  Scott Dissinger(SVP- DMI): eMail Scott

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