Pilot:  Mobile Apps Driven Promotions

Build customer loyalty by offering ongoing digital rewards for loyalty and instant winner/weekly drawings as promotions that are appropriate to a specific age group and demographic.  The mobile app provides an avenue for districts to communicate with students and parents.  Students  using the app can earn loyalty/reward points and assign a rating from 1 to 5 stars to each menu item, providing valuable feedback on meal preferences and satisfaction.  Implement a rewards program in which students accrue points based on desired behaviors.  Develop an algorithm and offer challenges for greater frequency of participation and/or the selection of a particular branded food.


  • What types of digital rewards are appealing to specific age groups?
  • Will rewards be funded based on incremental sales resulting from featured products and other incentives?
  • What types of rewards are acceptable to school partners when promoting child nutrition objectives?
  • What types of rewards would require parent opt-in?

Loyalty Rewards & Instant Winner Promotions

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have developed very sophisticated programs to reward their loyal customers where scanners track and enable rewards.  With the advent of mobile phones, rewards can be promoted and redeemed with digital stored value certificates.  Typical examples include digital music, movies and more.  Likewise, virtual instant winner prizes can be used strategically to boost traffic.

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