Pilot:  Food Court on Wheels

Under the banner of Nourish to Flourish, multiple stakeholders are collaborating to design a systems approach to the technology and logistics of mobile ordering, production, and delivery.  These solutions will be tested in the field with one or more pilot schools. The underlying concept is to create new options with several common elements including:

  • Made to order meals customizable on a mobile app.
  • Self Service Specialty Mobile Carts with a common look and feel featuring national brand products that meet meal pattern requirements
  • Fully integrated production schedules that ensure just in time prep and delivery to on campus locations
  • Training programs, certification and technical assistance from professional consultants
  • Data Sharing & Analytics to measure net fiscal impact and productivity KPIs


Some of the specific challenges to be addressed during pilot projects include: 

  • What types of schools would be most likely to benefit?
  • How can both hot and cold foods be designed and packaged to retain quality and meet HACCP standards?
  • How can I best utilize off peak labor to increase productivity?
  • How will the system assure that each student receives a reimbursable meal?
  • What is the return on my investment?
  • How many additional meals must I serve to improve my bottom line?
  • What type of Staff Development and training materials are needed?
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