Pilot:  Kiosks and Line Queuing for Faster Service

Students often reach the counter undecided about food choices.  Many QSRs are now using kiosks to place orders for pick up at cashier stations to confirm delivery at branded food court style stations.  This opportunity uses technology to maximize logistics behind the counter where orders can be assembled in advance and ready to pick up.


  • How do we analyze and resolve current bottlenecks?
  • How can configuration and placement of food and equipment be optimized?
  • How can baseline (historical) POS data be used for measurement of line speed and development of a KPI?
  • Does emphasis on visibility (e.g. signage) of popular brands influence participation?
  • What is the best way to train and re-orient employees and student customers to minimize disruption?
  • What is a reasonable adoption/adjustment period?


Students use kiosks to (1) self-identify with a secure pin pad or card (2) follow a guided wizard to order meals (based on entree selection) and a la carte items, (3) confirm funds due, if any, and (4) directs the student to a specific pickup station.  The electronic orders are queued by pickup station while runners assemble the ordered items and cashiers distribute the order by confirming pickup and completing the transaction.

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