Pilot:  eProcurement

Combining two independent work group initiatives, Data Sharing & Analytics and Streamlining Procurement, can produce additional value added and supply chain efficiencies for K-12 schools.  These pilots will engage various stakeholders to assure that the resulting software application meets federal, state and local requirements.  This will substantially convert what is now a paper and PDF process to one that is fully electronic, connecting menu planning, forecasting, ordering and inventory management.


  • How can we tap local district procurement collaboration and expertise beyond food service?
  • How do we build flexibility in template design to accommodate state and local requirements?
  • How does free access to publishing GDSN data for suppliers and schools impact competition?
  • How do districts receiving documents keep track of products contracted vs. products delivered and pre-approved substitutions?
  • What is the impact on out of stocks with improved forecasting tools?

Proposed Process Overview

This video describes a new paradigm for electronic procurement leveraging the Nourish to Flourish GDSN database to drive the selection of product specifications and a “Common Bid Template” consistent with USDA guidance.  The process is further enhanced by using prototype menu planning software to ensure accurate forecasts.


Nourish to Flourish is currently working to assemble a collaborative advisory board including procurement and software and school operations expertise to help design and pilot test this concept in a school district and to participate in a panel discussion at GS1 Connect in June in Denver, CO.

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